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This Web site describes the activities of CEDIA and serves as a database for the discussion of topics related to indigenous people in the rainforest, biodiversity conservation and protection of the Amazon; in Peru. We hope you have a pleasant visit. Thank you.
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January 20th 2017.- Regional Sectorial Direction of Agriculture of Ucayali (DRSAU), through its Native Communities’ Area, has managed to reinitiate the recognition of their territorial rights. This way, in 2016, after little over a decade of paralyzed processes, the titling of 15 native communities was achieved, with prospects of titling 20 more during the next semester. This is a great achievement for the Ucayali Region, which succeeded in managing obstacles… » read more


March 23rd 2017.- Yesterday the Regional Environmental Authority (ARA) of Loreto published the Regional Ordinance N°025-2016-GRL-CR which approves the Priority Sites for the Conservation of Biological Diversity in Loreto. This management tool will be used for the elaboration of the Regional Biological Diversity Strategy for the department. The process was developed in a framework following the design of the Regional Conservation System (SRC) of Biological Diversity in the department of… » read more

Proyectos paisaje Yavari-Samiria

March 21st 2017.- Yesterday, Perú Petro confirmed the suspension of activities of the Canadian petroleum company Pacific E&P in the 135 Lot, overlapping the Matsés National Reserve (RNM), the proposal of the Yavarí – Tapiche Indigenous Reserve and the Sierra del Divisor National Park (PNSD), in the Brazilian-Peruvian border, where it had the intention of realizing oil exploration. Even though the company indicated that its retirement was due to financial… » read more


February 13th 2017: Through the letter N° 019 CEDIA – DE, CEDIA accepted to bring technical, legal and financial support to the Regional Environmental Authority (ARA) of Loreto’s Regional Government, for the establishment of the proposal of a Regional Conservation Area (ACR) in the Tapiche and Blanco interfluvial area. The mentioned proposal is located to the South of the department, under the jurisdiction of the Alto Tapiche, Soplín and Tapiche… » read more

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CEDIA turned 35 years of doing justice for the territorial security of the communities and contributing to the conservation of the Amazon

Writes: Lelis Rivera Chávez February the 14th of 2017 : With 10 years of experience working with indigenous Peoples and 8 years involved in the application of the Law ...

21 Jun 2017
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