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This Web site describes the activities of CEDIA and serves as a database for the discussion of topics related to indigenous people in the rainforest, biodiversity conservation and protection of the Amazon; in Peru. We hope you have a pleasant visit. Thank you.

February 3rd 2007: The 26th of January of the preset year, after more than 10 years of fighting for the recognition of the territorial rights of the SSASA native community, the RDR N° 038-2017.GRU-DRA was issued, declaring the titling of a total extension of 2,757.8821 hectares, located in both banks of the Utuquinía River in Ucayali, and the hanging over of the property title. Between the months of April and… » read more

Pasacalle Humedales T y B

February 2nd 2017: On the occasion of the celebration of the World Wetlands Day, the CEDIA Norte team participated in the « Protecting the wetlands we prevent natural disasters » procession, organized by Loreto’s Regional Government in the city of Iquitos, with the goal of raising awareness about the importance of the wetlands of the watershed of the Tapiche and Blanco rivers, in the frame of a future Regional Conservation Area (ACR).… » read more

Calle principal Cashiriari

January 20th 2017: Regional Sectorial Direction of Agriculture of Ucayali (DRSAU), through its Native Communities’ Area, has managed to reinitiate the recognition of their territorial rights. This way, in 2016, after little over a decade of paralyzed processes, the titling of 15 native communities was achieved, with prospects of titling 20 more during the next semester. This is a great achievement for the Ucayali Region, which succeeded in managing obstacles… » read more


January 19th 2017: The past 12th of January of the present year was registered the legal status for the Administrative Contract Executor (ECA) for SIEKOPAI, secoya term which means « several colors ». The ECA SIEKOPAI will co-manage the Airo Pai Communal Reserve jointly with the Leadership of this Natural Protected Area (ANP). This ANP was created the 25th of October 2012 and is located in the department of Loreto, Maynas province,… » read more

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CEDIA cumple 35 años haciendo justicia por la seguridad territorial de las comunidades y contribuyendo a la conservación de la Amazonía

Escribe: Lelis Rivera Chávez 14 de Febrero del 2017.- Con 10 años de experiencia de trabajo con Pueblos indígenas y 8 años involucrado en la aplicación de la Ley ...

13 Feb 2017
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