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This Web site describes the activities of CEDIA and serves as a database for the discussion of topics related to indigenous people in the rainforest, biodiversity conservation and protection of the Amazon; in Peru. We hope you have a pleasant visit. Thank you.

Between Jyly the 7th and 17th,  a part of CEDIA’s team conducted a field trip with the objectives of  conducting a multicomunal workshop in the rural community of Puerto Angel on the definition of “Life Plans” with the authorities of the native communities and peasant from the middle part of Tapiche: Puerto Angel, Palm Tapiche, Morales Bermudez and Canchalagua. Present the results of the workshop at the Community Assembly of… » read more


In the final phase of the participatory process for the development of the Master Plan Güeppí-Sekime National Park on Tuesday, August 26, in the Town of Soplín Vargas, the Ad Hoc Committee was formed to validate the final draft of the Master Plan. This committee was composed of representatives of the district municipalities of Teniente Manuel Clavero and Torres Causana; representatives of indigenous organizations and OISPE ORKIWAN; local representatives of… » read more

Between 21 and 28 May output field was made. This took place in the basins of the Black and Tapiche rivers and was intended to explain in detail the activities related to fast Biological Inventory (IBR) with a view to creating a new ANP in White Sand Varillales between these rivers. During this two multi communal workshops one in the town of Curinga (May 23) and one in St. Helena… » read more


On 14 May, the flyby was performed in the area of ​​white sand Varillales Tapiche and White. This was intended to select the points of interest for the rapid biological inventory. In this flyby was attended by representatives of CEDIA, the Field Museum, SERNANP, Research Institute of the Peruvian Amazon (IIAP) and various departments of the Regional Government of Loreto. Two days before the flyby, there was a meeting in… » read more

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Director CEDIA

CEDIA cumple 35 años haciendo justicia por la seguridad territorial de las comunidades y contribuyendo a la conservación de la Amazonía

Escribe: Lelis Rivera Chávez 14 de Febrero del 2017.- Con 10 años de experiencia de trabajo con Pueblos indígenas y 8 años involucrado en la aplicación de la Ley ...

13 Feb 2017
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